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  • Zoey Mae turned 4. We celebrated by taking the day off work and doing all the things Zoey wanted - bounce house, sledding, and a rice crispy cake

  • Lots of snuggles as we soaked up our last month as a family of three


  • On February 18th, Leo Christopher was born at 7:56 am coming into the world at 7lb 9oz and 20in long (big sister was 8lbs and 21 inches, so pretty similar!).

  • And, what's that they say, the rest is history. Thus we began our adventures through life as a family of four :)


  • Zoey stayed home with us for most of my maternity leave, which means March can really be described as beautiful chaos. There were a lot of tears and a lot of love as we all adjusted to life with a newborn. 


  • April felt like a bit of a blur. The honeymoon phase of newborn life wore off, and man was I just running on fumes.

  • We did our best to get outside as much as we could and soak up the last full month of my leave! 


  • Leo's first day of daycare. Zoey got to have a "girl's day" with me, including purple hair. 

  • For Mother's Day, we took our first camping trip with all of us at Father Hennepin. 

  • Helped grandma build a strawberry patch, and Zoey got to work!

  • May also brought our 6th anniversary - we headed down to the spot we got married and showed Zoey all the fun!


  • Summer fun including flying a kite, lots of outside time, and learning to roller blade, and lots of playing in the mud kitchen.


  • The summer fun continues. Took our little RC boat down to the river and Zoey got her nails done for the first time for Auntie's birthday


  • Leo graduated from the craniofacial clinic

  • Camping at Lake Elmo

  • A week up on the North Shore

  • Celebrating Chris's birthday with a beautiful blue cake


  • Kelly Farm adventure with Grandma

  • Another camping trip to Lake Elmo - might be our new favorite spot

  • Zoey starts Pre-School!

  • Camping trip to Father Hennepin with friends


  • Wrapped up the camping season at St. Croix River Bluffs

  • Pumpkin patch adventure with Grandma and Mommy

  • Mom & Dad get their first date day since Leo was born and went hiking down in Red Wing

  • Halloween parade and celebrations. We went as Jurrasic Park


  • Zoey starts piano lessons


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